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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password

Forgot your password? No problem! You can click on forgot password. Or, during the login attempt, simply click on the link "forgotten password".

How do I disable my profile?

We are sorry to see you leave. To disable/delete your profile, click on disable my profile to access the form. It should be noted that by deactivating it, no one will be able to communicate with you because your profile will no longer be displayed.

Cannot connect

The first thing to do is to ensure the accuracy of your password and your username. Check the "Caps Lock" key to make sure the keyboard function is not in uppercase mode. If you still can not sign in, I suggest that you change your password using the forgot your password form.

Why has my profile been deleted?

In order to offer a quality service to all users and to make their visit as pleasant as possible, all profiles that do not respect the terms of use will be deleted. You can recreate it, but I suggest you read the site's terms of use.

How do I report abusive behavior?

Know that we greatly appreciate your help. You can report abusive behavior by clicking on the "Report..." link. That is, if you view a profile and you believe that this profile does not respect the terms, simply click on the link "Report this profile" which can be found on each member's profile page. The same goes for messages, you can post messages by clicking the "Report this message" link when you read it. When you report either a profile or a message, you automatically send us a message and we check it ourselves. If necessary, we delete it.

How do I report anomalies?

You can report any discrepancies via the contact form or via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of each page.

Why is my photo deleted?

We delete photos that do not respect the rules. You will find these rules in the "My Photos" section, once you are connected.

What are CDW points?

It's very simple, CDW points are points you accumulate by being active on this site. These points allow you to send gifts when sending messages to other members. This makes it possible to be original and to distinguish yourself from other members.

How are these points calculated? At the end of each day, the system calculates the total number of points you earned during the day and adds them to your account.

How can I earn CDW Points? The point system is designed to give points to the most active and serious members. So points are calculated based on your presence on the site, your participation in the "Date me' section, responses to messages received, and the messages you send. In short, the greater your presence on the site, the more points you will earn.

How can I confirm (authenticate) my registration?

To confirm (authenticate) your registration, you must click on the link in the email that we sent you during your registration. If you have not received the email to confirm your registration, you can click on this icon which is in your menu once connected to the site, and follow the directions for the system to resend the email.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, even after several attempts, follow these guidelines:

Send us an email
Send us a message at [email protected]

To help us quickly confirm and authenticate your registration, send us an email. Indicate in the subject: 'Confirm my registration' and specify your username in the message

Upon reception of the message, we will confirm and authenticate your registration.