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  • 62-year-old man
  • Cleveland Heights, Ohio
  • Single
  • dogwood34

My profile

  • First name
  • Jack
  • About
  • 62-year-old man
  • Civil status
  • Single
  • Appearance
  • 5'8" (173 cm), Large size
    brown eyes, brown hair
  • looking for
  • A woman
  • I am here for
  • Love, Friendship, Chatting

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  • Registration date

  • October 23, 2020
  • Last visit
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  • Online 2 hours ago
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I am divorce, If you are expecting a ken doll, I do have some weight. I am easy going, retired on a fixed income.
I like to joke around, I like sci- fi movies, ghost shows, cooking, and yes some times baking. I like to fix thing's.
I like pet's but do not like taking care of them any more, like dog due, or litter box. Pretty happy go lucky person.
I am caring, romantic, affectionate, and do not care for stooped people I stay away from them.
Any thing you like to know ask.

I am looking for dating, and a Good relationship, a companion, a friend to enjoy life with. I am not here to raze kids again, or to support any one.(You must have a income) Would like to form a connection down the road, were we could live, and do thing's together, and split the bills like rent and gas, phone, internet, tv, electric, insurance. On a fixed income it is easer to get buy with two people that have each others back, and there to take care of each other, this way after bill's we each have some money left to save and do thing's. Some one retired would be perfect. Lets have good conversation over a cup of coffee and see were it lead's. I like to go out to dinner, a thrift stores, go on road trip, or out to eat,(pandemic permitting of course) put put gulf, shopping, a casino, or just stay home enjoy each others company, Or alone time, each person can enjoy there space when they want. I don't mind a few drinks or party once in a wile at home.. .A coffee drinker a plus. Sports, I can take it or leave it. I don't like texting on my phone, A companion, a friend, would be a great start, would love to find romance again that could possibly turn in to more. If you are a Republican we will not get along.


Meet at a safe place for coffee and chat, or take it to a park to enjoy, a safe meeting place.

A little more about me

  • Have kids
  • I have children, but they are adults and independent
  • Want kids
  • I do not want any children
  • Ethnic group
  • White/Caucasian
  • Religion
  • Christianity
  • Zodiac sign
  • Leo
  • Smoking
  • I don't smoke
  • Alcohol
  • Very rarely
  • Drugs
  • Not against it, but not for me
  • Occupation
  • Retired
  • Car
  • Yes
  • Has a webcam
  • No

Activities and leisure

  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Cardio
  • Cinema
  • Cycling
  • Driving
  • Fixing vehicles
  • Massages
  • Mechanics
  • Ping Pong
  • Pool (billiards)
  • Swimming
  • Video games
  • Walking in the woods

Musical tastes

  • Classical music
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop
  • Rock

TOP 5 qualities

  • Calm
  • Honest
  • Patient
  • Trustworthy
  • Understanding
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Common affinities


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Face to face interview

  • What is something you can't stand in love?
  • Some one that is on there phone all the time.
  • What are you most proud of?
  • My daughter
  • Do you have an obsession? If yes which one?
  • Dinning out
  • Are you a day or a night person?
  • Both
  • What would you bring with you on a desert island?
  • A good woman companion
  • Would you like to be famous, and why?
  • I would like to win the lottery, to improve quality of life.
  • If you could meet anyone of your choice, dead or alive, who would it be?
  • My mom and dad again
  • What's a job that you would like to have, or have had?
  • Test piolet for a paper airplane factory
  • What do you never leave your house without?
  • Phone, in case I break down
  • What do you think is the most beautiful feeling?
  • Love
  • What is your favorite place to spend the holidays?
  • With loved ones
  • What is the best gift we could give you?
  • A home in the country.
  • In which store will you empty your credit card?
  • any tool store
  • Would you like to get married?
  • Did that twice
  • What is your favorite movie among all the ones you've seen?
  • Omega man
  • What quality do you like the most?
  • Caring person
  • Your favorite books?
  • Moby dick
  • What is the most important thing for you in life?
  • Health
  • What is the first law that you would adopt if you were appointed president of your country?
  • Ware a mask
  • How would you like to be reincarnated, and why?
  • A cat, I think there cool
  • What disguise would you wear at a costume party?
  • open
  • What do you look at first in a man or a woman, depending on your preference?
  • There face, hair, smile, personality'
  • What is your biggest dream?
  • Find my match
  • Your favorite meal?
  • pizza
  • What are you looking for in others?
  • personality

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