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  • 58-year-old man
  • West Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Divorced
  • keedew12

My profile

  • First name
  • Thomas
  • About
  • 58-year-old man
  • Civil status
  • Divorced
  • Appearance
  • 5'10" (178 cm), Pretty good
    blue eyes, black hair
  • looking for
  • A woman
  • I am here for
  • Love

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  • Registration date

  • June 9, 2021
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  • Yesterday
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  • Online
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I am not very good talking about myself. How would I characterize myself, passionate, financial stable ,happy, down to earth person who embraces life! Friends describe me as attractive (inside and out), fun, good sense of humor, optimistic, a bit of a party spirit. Needless to say, i'm not perfect --nor looking for perfection. Just looking for the one that will compliment me. I have a spontaneous nature...yet, I understand the need to plan. I can be fun. I enjoy having drink and laughing hard with friends...yet a night at home with a significant other is the best! Basically, I enjoy a variety of things as long as I'm in the company of those that I care about. Heard some crazy stories about online dating. Good news is I am not heavier, pics are current (no airbrushing). Simply social shots that give you an idea of my personality. I am a youthful looking and a spirited guy. Again, pic are current. I realize there has to be a physical attraction, but I'm looking for a spiritual, conversational, emotional attraction too. Only one way to determine if there is chemistry and that is to meet as friends and see if we want to get to know each other better. Who I would like to meet...a women with a good heart, strong character, socially skilled and who respects and values friends and family. i love to laugh and appreciate a good sense of humor – you don’t have to be a standup comedian, but the ability to laugh at day to day life is entertaining to me. Someone who is balanced, driven and loves life. Would love to have a recreational partner in life (including day to day life, athletic activities, traveling and enjoying friends and family together). Life is great and joint me for wonderful time .

A little more about me

  • Have kids
  • No children
  • Want kids
  • I am undecided
  • Born on
  • July 1 , 1962
  • Smoking
  • I do not smoke and can not stand smoke
  • Alcohol
  • Very rarely
  • Drugs
  • Not against it, but not for me
  • Occupation
  • Company manager
  • Has a webcam
  • Yes

Activities and leisure

  • Football

Musical tastes

  • Country

TOP 5 qualities

  • Trustworthy
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