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Meet Enna_Sue, 47 years old

Enna_Sue, 47 years old

Peterborough, Ontario

Looking for a man: Love, Friendship, Chatting

Je suis une personne simple et authentique avec un jeune coeur. Je suis une personne franche. J'aime apprendre et découvrir. Ma valeur la plus importante est l'intégrité et le respect. J'ai une âme d'artiste. J'aimerais faire le tour de l'amérique en VR. Mon projet de vie est de vivre là où il ...

Meet Erin, 48 years old

Erin, 48 years old

Peterborough, Ontario

Looking for a man: Love, Friendship

I am ASEXUAL meaning I have NO interest in a sexual relationship. I do enjoy cuddling, kissing hand holding and I've been single for 3 years, after my 28 year relationship ended. I am looking for friendship first and foremost with someone fairly local to me here in Ontario Canada. Fun for me is ...

Meet Michellecutie8, 49 years old

Michellecutie8, 49 years old

Brighton, Ontario

Looking for a man: Love

I’m a happy, straightforward lady who loves to find the beauty in every day life and especially in people. Truth and kindness, as well as strength of character, are very important to me. Love to laugh! Fun! I would like to be known- a man who is curious to know me is so appealing!

Meet Melanieeeeeeee, 32 years old

Melanieeeeeeee, 32 years old

Oshawa, Ontario

Looking for a man: Love

I am very artsy and fun. I like sports video games cooking economic discussions world issues meeting new people visiting new places. Im super easy to get allong with

Meet Cincin, 58 years old

Cincin, 58 years old

Oshawa, Ontario

Looking for a man: Love, Friendship, Chatting

I've been single for over 10 years but would love to meet someone who is compatible with my lifestyle and values. I am very involved with my family and have a passion for the outdoors.

Meet Amherbrrben, 46 years old

Amherbrrben, 46 years old

Oshawa, Ontario

Looking for a man: Love, Friendship, Chatting, Other reasons

I am a kind and responsible woman who is looking for a good relationship. I want a real man who will give me happiness. I am a gentle and kind lady with good character. Any man would be happy with me..

Meet Candy321, 27 years old

Candy321, 27 years old

Oshawa, Ontario

Looking for a man: Other reasons

Hi everyone it's candy here😗😗. I'm looking for some fun and for some one to spoil me. I'm fun wild and crazy. I socially drink I love food I'm small build with green hazel eyes❤💋if you would like to know more then come and see me.😊😊

Meet Caitlyn12345678, 22 years old

Caitlyn12345678, 22 years old

Markham, Ontario

Looking for a woman: Love, Friendship

Hi I am a small soft spoken girl looking for love and a companion. Somone to spend time with who gets to know me for me and loves me for me who is open and honest and treats me like I have worth. I love gaming anime photography and more so I'm all well rounded I'm shy at first once u get to know ...

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