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Answers to your questions about dating on the Internet

How can I find love on the Internet with single people who share my affinities?

Dating other single people remains the best way to find that rare gem, the one person with whom you can start a romantic relationship and create a beautiful story. For a promising first date, rather than trying to meet more people, you should focus on connecting with members who share your affinities.

That is why we encourage the customization of each profile, which allows every member, new and old alike, to share details about their history, their favorite activities, their passions, their personality… A single man or woman can then more easily search for a partner who shares the same affinities mentioned on their own profile. Our dating site guarantees you will meet serious people who are good matches for you without taking anything away from the magic of your first romantic encounter.

Why choose Vidamora to meet serious people?

Finding a partner isn't easy, so our affinity-based dating site makes sure you can focus on your main goal with complete peace of mind. Our moderation service ensures that you can find verified profiles by systematically eliminating all fake profiles.

Our subscription-free dating ensures that you will find single men and women and chat with them for free. Dating on the web becomes easier and safer, especially with the multiple criteria you can use to find the right person for you based on your affinities. We offer you the opportunity to meet singles near you but also on the other side of the world. We support you in your search for a lasting relationship. Isn't that the best reason to register on Vidamora? And what's more, it's completely free!

Is Vidamora a free dating site for both men and women?

Many websites promise to find you a suitable match without you paying a dime. But when it comes to it, the reality is quite different. Vidamora not only guarantees you a free registration but also enables you to chat and meet the profiles of your choice. To meet new people, we guarantee you a commitment-free and unlimited dating site.

Free online dating is a promise, and because your dating experience will vary depending on your expectations and your personality, our Internet dating offer adapts to the expectations of everyone, no matter your age, young or senior.

Can you still find love on the Internet in 2021?

Finding someone to form a serious and lasting friendship with is one thing but meeting someone online to build a serious relationship is another. Still, not only is that completely possible in 2021, it will remain so in the future. Real life already gives us opportunities to meet amazing people, and sometimes, without even meaning to, you can find love at first sight. Online, Vidamora stands out among serious dating sites, as we strive to give luck a push to attract Cupid's arrows. You are looking for a relationship, we offer free online dating for you to go on free dates, and one of them will allow you to say goodbye to your single days. It is that simple. Take a look at a comparison of serious dating sites and choose Vidamora with complete peace of mind.

Couple in love

Are there single men and women in my city, in my region?

Whether you are looking to date men or meet single women, proximity is an important factor. Vidamora provides you relevant, and above all, effective tools. For a serious relationship or to start the seduction phase, start by doing a quick search by defining the distance criteria of your choice, or use our geolocation service to meet a man or a woman near you. You can also start by discovering other people with our completely free chat service.

What if I want to meet my soulmate halfway around the world?

On Vidamora, we know that everyone has different desires and expectations. So, define them yourself in your search criteria and find love where it is, according to your preferences.

Is your dating site 100% free and without any subscription?

Whether you are looking to find love or adult friendships, Vidamora is 100% free. Read the reviews, check the comparisons and find out that on Vidamora, not only is registration free, but so is the chat. Whether you are looking for quick or serious dates. In North America or the world, find singles to chat with or for a serious relationship. Everything is completely free.

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Can I find a girl my age on your dating site?

Anyone over 18 can register on Vidamora. So, you can find the person you are looking for, whether a young woman or a more experienced man. It's up to you to define your search criteria according to your preferences (friendship, love, marriage…).

Are there verified profiles on the site?

Our moderation service makes sure our dating site is as serious as possible. We systematically eliminate fake and questionable profiles, and you will find the mention "Certified profile" on all verified profiles.

I'm having difficulty flirting, can you help me?

You should check out seduction tips and advice on our blog. And come back regularly, because we are constantly adding more. You can also hire a dating coach or let Vidamora facilitate a meeting with your soulmate.

Can I meet people even if I am very shy?

You can, as long as you believe in yourself and are confident, so check out the features and articles we offer on the blog. It's not always easy, but by making it easier for you to meet singles, we do our part in helping you overcome your shyness. So, get started.

Kissing couple

Does Vidamora also exist as a mobile application?

Our dating site for singles is already helping you find the right person even if you are looking for a rare gem. In 2021, Vidamora is coming to mobile, with the launch of our application. Great news for all singles on mobile, so stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter or liking our Facebook page.

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