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10 Signs a Woman Is Flirting With You or Interested in You

Posted by Pascal on February 7, 2020 at 11:35

10 Signs a Woman Is Flirting With You or Interested in You

When a woman isn’t into you at all, she will often make it clear. She’ll shut down any conversation, avoid eye contact with you, or turn down all your advances. If you have a hunch she doesn’t like you, you are probably right.

The signs that she does like you, however, can be more subtle. How do you know if she’s flirting with you, or just being friendly? For a lot of men, who are used to more overt flirting, this distinction can be a bit tricky to make.

But the signs are there, if you know how to look for them. And here is the list:


#1 She Smiles More When You Are Around

Genuine smiles and laughter are big signs she feels relaxed, comfortable, and happy to be around you. She possibly wants you to feel the same way.

Or if you’ve never met, it could mean she is at least open to chatting with you.

But since women also smile when they feel shy, embarrassed, nervous, or friendly, you’ll need to look for a few more signs before being certain.


#2 She Touches You More

Granted, some people are naturally touchy-feely, especially if they hail from South American or European countries.

But if you suddenly notice her touching you more often, or for longer than usual, it could be a sign she likes you. Ladies don’t tend to seek physical contact with people they are not comfortable with.

Bonus points if she is not as touchy-feely with others, only with you.


#3 You Can Flirt with Her

Have you ever tried flirting with a woman who was clearly uninterested? Then you know how hard it can be to carry a conversation, joke around or invite her somewhere.

If you can flirt with a woman, it’s almost certainly because she is letting you. Things wouldn’t go as smoothly if she wasn’t. She might even be flirting a bit with you, you know.


#4 Her Looks Changed Recently

If you noticed changes in the way she dresses, or her make up, it could be a sign she is trying to get someone’s attention. That someone could be you!

If she pays attention to the way she looks while you are on a date with her, by fixing her makeup in the bathroom or straightening her clothes, then the person whose attention she wants could be you.


#5 She Seems Nervous

Just like you get nervous when you don’t want to mess things up, so can she.

Look for activities like fidgeting, crossing and uncrossing her legs, or readjusting her position every five minutes.

Maybe she’s nervous because she doesn’t want to mess things up with you. Or you could stress her out too. Wait until you notice other signs before making a move.


#6 She Makes Plans with You

Making plans, especially if she is the one suggesting them, is a great sign she at least wants to see more of you.

If she does not include anyone else in the plans, she probably wants to connect with you personally. And if she could be making the same plans with her friends (like going to a bar or to see a movie) but invites you instead, then things are looking even more auspicious for you.



#7 She Maintains Eye Contact with You

If you notice she is trying to catch your attention and glances at you more often than usual, she is probably hoping you’ll have the courage to talk to her.

Or perhaps you are already talking, and she holds your gaze.

Or you have a giant zit on your forehead, and she is being a bit rude. Hopefully that’s not the case, but you’ll know soon enough.


#8 She Talks More than Usual

Talking and asking lots of questions could indicate that she feels a bit nervous, but it could also mean she is trying to get to know you, to connect on a deeper level and get a clearer picture of who you are.

One thing is for sure: she doesn’t want the conversation to fizzle out and die. Which is great. Make sure you do your part in that too.


#9 She Acts Like She Is into You

Clichés exist for a reason. They are based on real-life examples that are repeated often enough to be noticed.

So, when you see her twirling her hair, leaning towards you, smiling, and blushing, it could very well mean she wants to flirt with you. You’ll probably get a positive response if you ask her out.

Even if she is not fully aware of her nonverbal communication, it still counts. She most likely wouldn’t do those things if she didn’t like you.


#10 She Tries to Get Closer to You

Again, physical proximity isn’t uniform across cultures, but if she is trying to get herself as close to you as possible, it’s at least a sign she feels comfortable around you.

In all likelihood, she would be putting much more distance between herself and you if she felt otherwise.


A Word of Caution

While all these are great signs a woman is flirting with you, they are not foolproof. Some women are naturally super friendly without trying to flirt with you.

You’ll also need to consider the context. If a bartender smiles at you and asks you about your night, she is doing her job and providing good customer service. Not flirting with you.

Also, these signs indicate an initial attraction. They are not a forever-green light. A woman could be interested in you at first, happy to go on a date with you, then decide that she is not compatible with you after all. That is her right. And there could be a million reasons for her to change her mind. She might want to avoid rushing into a relationship, or she might like someone else.

If the signs of attraction disappear, you should stop pursuing her. She is not playing “hard-to-get”. Learn to deal with rejection gracefully and move on.

However, if you keep seeing signs that she is into you, and she looks genuinely happy being around you, by all means, keep flirting with her. If a relationship blossoms from this, then you will both be glad you did.

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