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12 Early Signs a Man Is Into You

Posted by Pascal on February 13, 2020 at 11:35

12 Early Signs a Man Is Into You

Earlier this month, we looked at common signs a woman is interested in you. But to be fair, both genders occasionally have questions about the opposite sex.

So, this time, let’s turn the tables and have a look at 12 signs a man is into you.



#1 He Notices Small Changes in Your Appearance

How often have you heard one of your friends complain that her husband doesn’t even notice when she gets a new haircut?

To notice small changes like a new lipstick or a new pair of shoes, you would have to pay close attention to how someone looks. A lot of guys don’t, which is why they may seem oblivious to their partners.

But if a man picks up on small changes, he’s probably been looking at you closely. And that often means one thing: he likes looking at you!

Or he could have great observational skills, so stay on the lookout for more signs.


#2 He Initiates Physical Contact

Similar to how women touch men more when they are flirting, men often use touch to show their interest.

A touch on the arm or a light bump on the shoulder are often the first ways men show their interest. In other words, it is what bridges the gap between casual conversation and flirting.


#3 He Volunteers His Help

A lot of men like being useful for those they care about.

But if a guy – especially a guy you don’t know very well yet – offers to help you for rather tiresome chores, he could be showing you his interest.

Not many people would help you move a couch out or stay late to help you with a presentation if they weren’t a little bit interested in you.


#4 He Makes Eye Contact with You

We’ve already seen that eye contact is a clear sign of attraction in a woman, but the same holds true for men.

If you notice a man looking at you from across the room, trying to catch your eye, or if you’re deep in conversation with him and he doesn’t seem interested in anything other than you, you can be sure he likes you. Looking at your eyes, face, or – ahem – chest, are all signs a man is into you.

The opposite is true, though. If he keeps looking at your legs and feet, he’s not as interested. Just something to keep in mind.


#5 He Uses Your Name in Conversation

It’s a little bit subtle, but your name might just be music to his ears.

Pay attention to the way he says your name. If he smiles or seems to use your name a lot more than would be required, it could reveal that his subconscious mind is thinking about you… a lot.

If he were a middle-schooler, he’d probably be writing your name in his diary.


#6 He Asks You Out

It doesn’t really get any clearer than this.

If he wants to spend time with you and keeps inviting you to do things with him, it means you are more than just a placeholder for him.

If he’s the one initiating the dates, you can bet he’s into you.


#7 He Wants to Show You What He’s Into

There are two parts to sharing his hobbies with you: he’d like to know if you have common interests, and he wants to show you more of himself.

In both cases, he might be looking to forge a deeper, more intimate connection with you.



#8 He’s Teasing You

Sometimes it might look like he’s being a bit of a jerk, or you might even think he dislikes you.

But just the opposite could be true.

What looks like a mean-spirited comment might in fact be a clumsy attempt at getting your attention and connecting with you. And yes, not every guy is an expert at flirting and sharing their feelings honestly, but teasing is one of the signs a man is into you.

If you feel like it, tease him back!


#9 He Remembers Details About You

So, you mentioned having a pet goldfish named Nemo and he remembers that fact three months later? He’s paying close attention to what you say.

Which means he’s interested in your life, what you tell him, and is trying to get to know you as much as he can.

And of course, if he keeps asking questions to know even more about you, his interest might be even stronger (especially if those questions help him determine whether you are single).



#10 His Friends Let You Know

Sure, they won’t reveal his secret admiration for you directly, but here are all the ways they might slip up without even realizing it:

  • They compliment him in front of you or try to hype him up to you. This could be a good indication they are playing wingmen for him.
  • They come up with reasons to leave you two alone. When they do this, they most likely want to give him some space and alone time with you.
  • They don’t act surprised when you show up with him to an event. They fully expect you to be there, because they probably know he likes you!

And to boot: they’re his friends! Unless you were also friends with them before, he wouldn’t introduce you to them if he wasn’t proud of you. If he’s comfortable to show you off to them, he might really be into you.


#11 He Tries to Get Your Attention

There are many ways a man tries to get the attention of the woman he likes.

He could be trying to face you if you’re in a group (or even if you are sitting side by side). Or he could try telling jokes and showing off his sense of humor. And maybe he’s trying to be cool and show his skills in a sport or a game.

Other ways are more confusing at first, such as goofing off, or acting loud and obnoxious; but they all mean the same thing: if he’s trying to get your attention, he wants to impress you. Because he’s into you.


#12 He Wants to Chat

If he tries to connect with you on social media and you talk often via Facebook or WhatsApp, he is probably making a conscious effort to get closer to you.

This signal of attraction is even more obvious if he is the one to initiate the conversations and often asks you to stay on the chat “just one more minute”.

So, there you have it. If you are ever unsure if a guy likes you, look for these signs!  But remember, a friendly guy will be all smiles with everyone, and a gentleman will give you compliments even if he is not totally into you.

In order to know for sure if a man is interested in you, you’ll have to look for several of these signs combined. You won’t be able to “read their mind” completely, but it will help you get a fairly clear picture of their interest in you.

Each man will flirt a bit differently. Some will be confident and funny; others will tease you awkwardly and others seem to ignore you because they are too nervous. The key is to get to know them, and practice looking out for signs that man is into you.

Hopefully, with time, this will help relieve a lot of guessing and doubting that often stifles the start of new relationships.

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