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30 Signs a Girl Wants You to Notice Her and What You Can Do About It

Posted by Pascal on October 2, 2020 at 8:58

30 Signs a Girl Wants You to Notice Her and What You Can Do About It

Like most guys, you might struggle to notice the little signs a girl wants you to notice her. It’s not that women don’t show any signs of attraction, it’s that they often do it more subtly than men.

Not only that, but guys often overlook a lot of these signs of attraction for fear of misinterpreting them. They don’t necessarily want to ruin a good friendship by jumping to conclusions too soon. So, in spite of all the signals girls send, a lot of the time, nothing happens.

But women like it when guys make the first move. If you wait too long, she might move on to something else.

To make sure you don’t miss your opportunity, you should learn how to tell if a woman wants you to ask her out. And to do that, here are 30 signs that she wants you to notice her.


#1 She Ups the Physical Proximity

Girls like being around their crush.

However, don’t expect her to just come sit on your lap (although, if she does, you can stop reading this article).

Maybe she will walk next to you when you are in a group. If you are in a bar, you’ll turn to find her right there in front of you. Or she could stand just a wee bit closer than usual when you talk.

Even girls you don’t know well could do this. If you suddenly notice her everywhere you go, maybe it’s a sign that girl is trying to get your attention.


#2 She Is Facing You More

She could turn her body towards you when you are at a distance. Maybe because it’s easier to check you out that way.

But even if you are talking to her, pay attention to her feet and shoulders. Are they pointing at you? If so, she could be subconsciously gravitating towards you.



#3 She Is Nice to You

Some girls are naturally nice. But it’s a different ball game if you notice her doing things she doesn’t do for others.

She might, for example, bring you an extra cupcake from her coffee run. Or some sweets from a trip.

The key is to make the difference between things she does all the time and what she does only for you.


#4 She Worries about What You Think

If a girl tries to see if you are compatible, she might drop some questions into conversations: “Would you hate me if I said I’m into Disney movies?”.

Really, though, she’s hoping that you are cool with it.

And because she cares about what you think of her, she could also try to suss it out: “You left really quickly yesterday, I hope you’re not mad or anything!” or “Sorry if I seemed short with you, I was in a rush but I didn’t mean to be rude to you!” are the kind of messages she might send you.


#5 She Frowns Upon Other Women Who Get Close to You

She could look obviously disappointed when another girl talks to you. Or try to drag you away from a girl who’s flirting with you.

She wants you to notice her, and the more women are around you, the harder it will be!

If she seems to keep close tabs on the other girls in your life, it could be a sign.



#6 Her Body Language Mirrors Yours

If a girl likes you, she will spontaneously copy your behavior and gestures.

It’s a trait we humans inherited from our ancestors, and there is nothing we can do about it. The more we like someone, the more we mimic their physical postures.

If she checks the time when you do or scratches her head when you do, she is waving green flags.


#7 She Touches You More

If she is finding reasons to brush past you, to touch your arms or your back, or even if she seems eager to hug you just a tad longer than usual, it could mean she likes you.

Again, the key is to know the difference between how she always acts with people and how she treats you.


#8 She Laughs at Everything You Say

Maybe you are just that funny. But if you know you’re no Jerry Springer, and she still seems to laugh at your quips, take it as a sign.

Bonus points if you are in a group and she only looks at you when she laughs.



#9 She Finds Excuses to Spend Time with You

If she likes you, why wouldn’t she want to spend time with you?

You might get invited to house parties, random events, or even just a coffee run during a break.

This becomes even more clear-cut when she asks to hang out alone. Just the two of you.


#10 Her Style Is Always on Point

If you see her wearing sweatpants and t-shirts on her social media, but she’s always dressed to impressed when you see her in person, she might be trying to get you to notice her.

Same thing with make up, nails, jewelry, or accessories. That extra effort she’s making? It could be for you.


#11 Another Sign a Girl Wants You to Notice Her: Her Social Media Accounts

Did she find you on Facebook before you told her your full name? Or is she following you everywhere, from Twitter to Instagram?

Other possible signs include:

  • Reacting to your posts,
  • RSVPing “yes” to all events you invite her to,
  • Being online almost every time you log in.

By doing these things, she wants you to think about her. While at the same time saying: “You’re on my mind.”


#12 She Turns into a Yes Woman

You could ask her to go diving with sharks or bungee jumping off a bridge. If she is smitten with you, it doesn’t matter: she’s in!

By saying “yes” to anything you want to do, she’s showing you how good of a girlfriend she would be.


#13 Her Gaze Lingers

Eye contact is one of the most obvious signs a girl wants you to approach her.

If you notice her taking an extra second or two before breaking eye contact, she wants you to make a move.



#14 She Finds Reasons to Talk to You

No matter what the circumstances, she gets in touch with you.

Maybe it’s a question about some quiz at school or new project at work. Or she needs to borrow your stapler.

Next thing you know, you’re engaging in conversation with her. Which may be just what she was hoping would happen.


#15 She Frames Her Face with Her Hands

She could bring her hands up to her face to hide the fact that she is embarrassed. But oftentimes, hands are a way to subtly say: “Hey, look at this.”

Whether her eyes, hair, or lips, a thoughtfully placed hand can indicate what she wants you to pay attention to.



#16 She Glances Back at You When She Leaves

You’ve seen the movies. A guy and a girl go on their separate ways, but before vanishing into that car or going through that door, they turn to have one last look of each other.

She might do something similar when she leaves you. Turning back and waving at you right before taking the bus.

Although the moment does not last long, it is an opportunity to build rapport. To show she is friendly and approachable. And to send a reminder: “Don’t forget about me.”


#17 She Has a Suspiciously Good Memory

Does she remember all your likes and dislikes? Or how many times you wore that sweater last month?

Either she has an amazing memory, or she pays close attention to what you do or tell her. She’s already invested in this potential relationship and would love it if you noticed her as a girlfriend, eventually.

Honestly, she would not remember so many things if she couldn’t care less about you.


#18 Her Eye Contact Is Intense

If a girl seems to look at you, maybe it’s because she enjoys looking at you.

You might caught her quickly looking away because she was checking you out. Or the opposite: if she maintains eye contact when you look at her, she definitely wants you to notice her.

Likewise, it is normal to break eye contact during conversation but pay attention if she doesn’t.


#19 Her Pupils Are Dilated

Take advantage of this increased eye-contact to look at her pupils.

When a girl is romantically or sexually attracted to you, her brain will release dopamine and oxytocin.

These “love hormones” are what makes her pupils dilated.

And, it turns out, men are attracted to women with larger pupils. Nature does things well.


#20 She Pays Attention to What You Are Saying

When a girl wants you to notice her, she is intent on hearing everything you have to say.

She also asks follow-up questions and keeps the conversation going. Talking about yourself feels good so this allows her to show you how good of a partner she could be.


#21 She Will Play with Her Hair

For one reason or another, be it nervousness or giddiness, hair play is a sign a girl wants your attention. Especially when combined with other signs of attraction, like laughing, eye contact, or touching.

Be careful, though.

Girls also play with their hair when they are bored or stressed. Your job is to know the difference.



#22 She Loses Her Train of Thought

If she is engaging in conversation with you and suddenly stops, hesitates, and doesn’t really know what to say, it could mean she is feeling nervous around you.

Maybe that’s because she is too excited or doesn’t want to look stupid in front of you. Or she is thinking about something like “I wonder what it would be like to hug him right now,” or “We’re very close”, and that is enough to derail her train of thought.


#23 She Draws Attention to Her Lips

Lipstick has long been associated with sex appeal and sensuality.

But it’s not the only tool women have.

When a girl wants you to notice her lips, she may bite or lick them. Applying lip balm has a similar effect. Just like drinking through a straw or kissing her own fingers.


#24 She Asks You for Help               

Perhaps she has questions about an assignment. Or wants your input on what it’s like working with a specific client. Heck, maybe there’s a jar that’s too tight to open.

The point is not necessarily that she needs your help.

It’s that she could have asked anyone else. But she chose to ask you.


#25 She Blushes or Is Nervous around You

If her cheeks get beet red, or if her voice gets a little too high or loud, it could mean you make her nervous.

This sign could disappear the more you see each other, because she gets used to being around you. Still, in the beginning, she wouldn’t react that way around a guy she considers a friend.



#26 She Asks You a Lot of Questions

If a girl is interested in you, she will want to know everything about your life.

She’ll ask you about your hobbies, your past, anything that can help her get closer to you. It also keeps the conversation going.

If she is feeling bold, she might even ask you some more intimate questions like: “So, do you have a girlfriend at the moment?”


#27 She Asks to Hang Out… Alone

If a girl wants you to notice her, she might invite you to spend time just the two of you. Who else are you going to pay attention to, if she’s the only one there, right?

Even in a group setting, she could ask to break away from the others and “get some air” or “come pick up something” with her.

If she does that, it means that she doesn’t care about other people as much as you. You are enough for her.


#28 She Plays with Her Jewelry

Girls use jewelry to feel good and look even more attractive to guys.

Thus, when she fiddles with her earrings or necklace, it might be more than a nervous tic.

Humans love looking at shiny or moving objects. So maybe she is trying to get you to notice her by drawing your attention to her accessories.


#29 She Tells You that She Misses You

Sometimes if things progress well and she feels close enough to you, she will feel bolder and tell you directly how she feels.

One of the most common things girls say when they want guys to notice them is “I missed you”. Other variations of the phrase work too: “It wasn’t as fun since you weren’t there,” “Where did you go last night?” or “You should really come next time.”

You get the idea.


#30 She Shares Who She Is with You

You might start to know more and more about her. But if a girl feels very comfortable with you, she might start sharing more personal details about herself. Like her insecurities, or some past trauma. Even her dreams.

She does that so that you can start imagining what life would be like with her. See if you are compatible.

When she does that, be sure to treat that information with the utmost respect.




What You Should Do When You See Signs a Girl Wants You to Notice Her

Any of the previous signs, by itself, doesn’t necessarily mean a girl is vying for your attention.

But the more signs you start to notice, the more likely she is.

If you start to notice several signs a girl wants you to notice her, all happening in close proximity, it’s time to make your move.

If you like her too, there is only one thing left for you to do: ask her out on a date!


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