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The Coolest Guy in the World: Who Is This Person?

Posted by Pascal on December 6, 2020 at 11:18

The Coolest Guy in the World: Who Is This Person?

Let’s get one thing straight. While the coolest man in the world does exist, he won’t always be the same person for everyone.


What makes someone cool will vary depending on who you ask.


So, while you might admire traits such as artistic skills and accomplishments, your neighbor might put a bigger emphasis on athletic prowess and looks. With that premise, there can’t be just one individual whom everyone agrees is the coolest guy on earth.


There are, however, some men who most people will agree are pretty cool.


So, let’s look at a few of them, past and present, and see just what makes them so interesting.


Who Is the Coolest Man Alive Right Now?

Here is a short selection with three of the coolest people in the world at the moment. Now, by no means is this list exhaustive. Many, many other men could have made the cut.


The following people, however, each demonstrate one or more admirable qualities. Qualities that make us instantly view them as some of the coolest people on earth. But more importantly, by showing us what it means to be cool, they set an example for the rest of us to live more interesting lives.

One of the Coolest Guys in Cinema: Brad Pitt

Sure, this is a man that most people would consider as being good-looking. But that’s not what makes Brad Pitt cool. Neither is his confident demeanor.


Attractive and confident people are a dime a dozen, especially in the movie industry.


What makes Brad Pitt one of the coolest persons on earth is the fact that he came from the bottom, starting as a mascot for a fast-food restaurant, and rose to the top of his field. Since then, he has kept that status over three decades.


That’s thirty-plus years of delivering top acting performances, honing his craft directing, and maintaining peak physical fitness.


To boot, the man is one of principles. He delayed getting married to Angelina Jolie until gay marriage was legal and donated to many humanitarian causes. No matter where you stand on those issues, his dedication commands some level of respect.


Another Reason Why Brad Pitt is One of the Coolest People Alive

Brad Pitt has become somewhat of a standard for what men can aspire to be.


There is even something called “The Brad Pitt rule”, which helps you better navigate tricky dating situations. Like trying to confirm a date with a woman.


Sometimes you try to ask a girl out and she gives you some reason why she can’t go on a date with you. Her roommate is sick, or she has an early morning shift the next day.


The Brad Pitt rule is pretty simple: if you were as cool as Brad Pitt, would she give you the same reason?


We know that if a girl likes you, she will drop her plans to hang out with you. If she really can’t go on a date with you, she would at least offer an alternative time and date. We know that, but sometimes we forget about it.


The Brad Pitt rule helps you remind yourself of that fact. A woman would not turn down Brad Pitt to have a zoom happy hour with her coworkers. So, if you hear an excuse that wouldn’t apply to Brad Pitt, you know that you have been turned down.


Maybe the Coolest Guy in Sports: Marcus Rashford

You might be surprised to find twenty-three-year-old Marcus Rashford has nothing to envy some heavy hitters such as Lewis Hamilton and Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to being cool.


But what exactly did the youngster do to be ranked as one of the coolest guys on the planet?


Well, to start with, he is playing for one of the most famous soccer teams in the world. Professional athletes make a lot of sacrifices in their youth to be able to get to the top. The competition is fierce, and you have to perform every time you enter the pitch. There are no “second takes” in live sports.


But while that certainly makes the youngster cool, that alone does not mean he is the coolest dude ever.


On sports achievement only, after all, he missed the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.


Well, maybe he missed that award, but the BBC did create one just for him.


See, what he has done goes beyond the pitch.


When competitions were forced to stop earlier this year, the young man took advantage of his newly found free time to help feed children at school. Through tweeting, speaking up, advocating, and campaigning, he has tirelessly fought against child poverty and hunger.


Restaurants started donating meals, people and companies donated money, and ultimately, the government agreed to fund school lunches throughout the summer holidays.


His work has helped provide millions of meals to children who needed them the most. And he is not done.


To be clear, the man had little to gain from his efforts. He is already a millionaire and recognized for his talent. He just fought for a cause because he believed in it.


Rivals teams have praised him publicly. He has received numerous awards. And Liverpool fans have agreed to give him a standing ovation next time he visits their stadium.


Marcus Rashford is such a cool kid that he’s earned the admiration and respect of rival teams.


One of the Coolest People in Science: Akira Yoshino

You could make a good case for Bill Nye to be on this list. Or passionate storyteller Neil deGrasse Tyson.


Those would be two of the first names most people would think about when talking about cool guys in science.


But today let’s head to a different direction and give a nod to chemist and Nobel Prize laureate Akira Yoshino.


Sure, Yoshino might not be the coolest person in the world. Not in the traditional sense, at least: you will not find him sporting a leather jacket or riding a motorcycle up a mountain.


No. He is on this list for another reason.


The man has spent his whole life working in the same field. For the same corporation, even. His story is one of loyalty and devotion to his craft. And one of pure focus.


His humble and rational approach to problems while still thinking outside the box has helped foster the invention of the lithium-ion battery, which has improved the lives of millions around the world.


His research contributed to the expansion of human knowledge. And that is pretty cool.


How You Can Become the Coolest Guy You Know

Taking the steps to live a more interesting life is not only good for your self-esteem, it also helps your dating life.


You will show more confidence if you know that you are doing cool things; and girls will inevitably notice you more.


Looking at the lives of Brad Pitt, Marcus Rashford, and Akira Yoshino, there are already a few takeaways. But you could also look at biographies of the coolest people in history, from Benjamin Franklin to Peter Freuchen, and draw similar conclusions.


Here are 6 lessons they can teach us on how to be the coolest guy around:


#1 Expand Your Areas of Interest

Even if you are not completely passionate about anything at the moment, find something you could get into. Try a few activities and see if you can make a hobby out of one or two.


Expanding your areas of experience will enrich your life and give you valuable life experience. Both of which can make ladies increasingly interested in you.


#2 Stand Up for What You Believe In

Bravery and courage are qualities that are universally recognized and valued. Knowing where you stand on some key issues, and not being afraid to show it will make you stand out.


Don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Not everyone will agree with you, but everyone can respect a man who is unwavering in his values and principles.


#3 Follow Your Passions

Whatever your passion is, sink your teeth into it.


And don’t be afraid to go against the grain.


“Nerds” who were into medieval weaponry now run successful Youtube channels and boys who loved ballet now perform in front of audiences who pay top dollar to see them.


Mastery brings respect.


#4 Know Where You Stand

By knowing what your values are and refusing to compromise on them, you will take a seat at the coolest people’s table.


Whenever you stand out, some people will push back against your ideas.


But cool men like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. did not back down when people disagreed with them. Just like Brad Pitt does not care that some people are against gay marriage.


#5 Your Age Does Not Matter


Marcus Rashford is 23. Akira Yoshino 72. Both are among the coolest people ever.


You can be cool at sixteen, just like you can be cool at ninety-five. It’s all about what you do and how you conduct yourself.


#6 Confidence Comes Last

You may have heard to “Fake it till you make it”. And yes, for some people, acting confident will do wonders for your social life.


But for others, like most introverts, this is easier said than done.


The good news is that you don’t have to fake anything.


By doing cool things, expanding your horizons, and going after ever-greater achievements, it will be natural.


Confidence, just like social recognition, comes naturally when you work on yourself to become better than you were yesterday.


In the end you probably won’t become the coolest person in the history of the world. No one can.


But you can become a cooler, more interesting version of yourself. That alone should bring more than a few benefits to your life.


Like a better dating life, for starters.


But also, a more fulfilling, exciting life. One with more meaningful relationships and friends, where you walk with your head up high and look forward to the future.


So, go ahead. And aim to become the coolest person you can be.

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