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How to Meet a Nice Woman to Complement Your Life

Posted by Pascal on September 7, 2021 at 15:22

How to Meet a Nice Woman to Complement Your Life

If you are a man and interested in dating someone exclusively, you might already have considered settling down with someone. To build something and start a serious relationship with a woman.


But you are not looking to rush things either. Not, at least, until you make sure the woman you meet is the right one for you.


Especially if you have had bad dating experiences in the past.


And so, you make finding a nice girl to date your priority. But meeting a good woman is easy to say, and much harder to act upon. Even more so if you do not know where to start.


The good news is that, no matter how young or how experienced you are, there are things you can do to increase your chances of finding the right woman.


Of course, as with everything in life, dating is not an exact science. You may find that some strategies work better for you than others. The key is to understand that, on top of the usual ways to attract girls, the following strategies will give you better odds of attracting the right kind of woman for you.


And if you are looking to date someone long-term, this is the kind of person you are looking for.



Strategy #1 – Start by Working on Yourself

Of course, the more confident, better looking, well-dressed, and successful you make yourself, the more girls will like you. Maybe you have already learned this, or maybe this is common sense to you.


But we are not talking about all that right now – even if you should still not neglect your appearance.


What “working on yourself” means here is simple: try to understand yourself first.


The definition of a good woman is personal and varies from man to man. As such, what you deem to be a nice woman, the best places to meet women, and how to decide whether someone is worth dating will all depend on one thing: who you are.


So, just take a moment to establish a few things about yourself. Go beyond your interests and what you think you like, and turn the magnifying glass on yourself: What are your values? On topics like family, house chores, childrearing, etc., are you more traditional or progressive? What do you want out of life? And where do you see yourself in three, five, or ten years?



Based on the answers, you will be able to have a better idea of the person you would like to date. So, dig deep. The more questions you ask about yourself, the clearer the picture will be.


From then, you will be able to quickly tell when you are dating the wrong person.


Conversely, if you discover the perfect girl for you, you won’t waste too much time wondering whether you should go all in or not.


Strategy #2 – Understand What Good Women Are Looking for in a Man

The dating market is described that way for a reason: it obeys the laws of supply and demand.


Knowing what you want and how to meet a good woman is only one part of the equation. You also have to take into account what said woman might be looking for as well.


If you find a good girl, chances are that she is going to be in high demand.


What good would it be to finally meet the perfect girl, only to find out that she has zero interest in you?


Fortunately for you, there are actionable steps you can take to prevent that from happening.


The first thing will be to become a more confident man (or to increase your confidence). Things like making decisions and following through, trying new things, and working on accepting failure will all be useful.



Then, identify all the areas you could improve on, and start working on those with your newly boosted – and growing – confidence. Start with the usual: finances, health, diet, social circles, and exercise. Then customize it for the girl you are looking for. If you want to date a religious girl, start attending more religious services. For a family woman, work on your own family values.


In short, to meet a nice woman, you need to become irresistible to her. One of the cool guys.


Finding a good woman is a lot easier if she is also looking for you.


Strategy #3: Give Online Dating a Try Even if You Are New to It

Nowadays, it is pretty common knowledge that one of the best places to meet women is online.


Creating their online dating profile is one of the first thing single women do if they want a relationship. As a result, no matter who you are looking for and what characteristic your dream girl has, there is a good chance someone already registered on a dating site will be a quality match.


Knowing this, it would be a shame to not at least give online dating a try.


Some websites, such as Vidamora, even offer dating by affinity, suggesting women that would be a great fit for your lifestyle and expectations (plus, it is completely free).



On top of exposing you to a vast and diverse pool of single women, increasing your chances of meeting a nice girl, it is also a great way to hone your dating skills, especially if you are shy: Indeed, because you have to talk to several women, it gives you a lot of experience in things like asking for a girl’s number, recognizing the signs she is into you, or getting over your fear of rejection.


And all these skills translate to real life as well.


Finally, let’s not forget that while you have more choices than ever in online dating, there are also more men competing for the high-value woman you want.


While on the surface this might seem like a negative, it also forces you to up your game and stand out. As you learn to do that, you will become increasingly more attractive to the opposite gender and your odds of attracting a nice woman will skyrocket. Both online and in the real world.


Strategy #4: Meet a Nice Woman Outside, in Real Life

The fourth and final strategy we will talk about encompasses all three previous ones.


It is also the most traditional – and perhaps intuitive – as men have been following it for a very, very long time.


This strategy, of course, is using your daily life and activities to meet women in person.


While it may seem like we are drawing a line between online dating and dating in real life, that is not the case. On the contrary, the ability to meet a nice woman in real life is simply one more skill in your toolbelt. One more way to meet the right person for you.



It makes total sense to not limit yourself to online dating. Here are some of the advantages:

  • You will need to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Whether starting a new hobby, meeting a new group of people, or doing something you have never dared to before. This will increase your confidence.
  • Meeting people in real life is great for your social skills. Your will make new friends (who might, by the way, introduce you to potential women to date), increase your social circle, and grow more comfortable talking to strangers and new people.
  • Whenever you meet an online date for the first time, you will feel at ease much more quickly. If you are used to talking to women in person, your conversation skills will definitely help you find more success.


That being said, this way of meeting a nice woman will require the most effort. But it is worth it if you get to meet your soulmate at the end.



What it Really Takes to Meet a Nice Woman

As you can see, dating and relationships are not for the faint of heart. They are hard work.


You will have to find interests and activities that will allow you to meet other people, and reach out to groups and communities in your area.


Also, like any life skill, it will take some time to master. There will be a learning curve, and you might have to deal with rejection and stress before getting good at it.


But whenever things get hard, remember one thing: this is where you grow.


When famous authors get their first works rejected, when like Olympians get sore after a workout, they use this feedback to improve their skills, to try out new approaches and methods.


The same is true for dating.


As long as you don’t give up, as long as you get back on the horse after a disappointment, and as long as you keep improving yourself each and every time, you will eventually find someone who was worth all the work. A nice woman who completes you.


Rare are the things in life worth having that come easy. Good things take time.


But eventually, the author gets his book published, the athlete goes to the Olympics, and you, who put yourself out there in the dating pool, who keeps working to become the best version of himself, you will find a woman to share your life.

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