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30 of the Biggest Things that Turn Women On

Posted by Pascal on January 13, 2021 at 15:48

30 of the Biggest Things that Turn Women On

Flirting without knowing what turns a woman on is a bit like trying to drive to Florida without a GPS: unnecessarily complicated.


Look, you don’t have to learn every single way to turn on a girl to be successful in dating. But you have to know at least a few.


Attraction is very personal. And the truth is that not every woman is going to react the same way to your flirting. You might find that what works for one girl is not what will turn every woman on. That is why this article includes 30 of the biggest things that turn women on. Use some – or all – to find out what has the potential to work for your lady!



Five Ways to Turn Women on with Your Style


#1 Work on an Elegant Sense of Fashion



You won’t be surprised to hear that visual impressions are capital in dating.


And what better way to make a statement than by dressing up a little? You don’t have to be dressed to the nines all the time, but the key is to make an effort. Forgo the sweatpants and hoodie for a nice pair of jeans and a vest.


Have a look through your wardrobe and see if you can update a shirt or two. Your attention to detail could go a long way on your next date night.



#2 Wear Perfume for a Fragrant Smell


When it comes to turning on girls, your smell is right up there with your appearance.


Attraction is more than just how you look. You should hit all senses. So, try to smell nice by wearing cologne. Choose something that gives you confidence when you wear it.


Be careful, however. There is a sweet zone. Overdoing it has the potential to distract her in the best-case scenario and turn her off in the worst one.



#3 Decorate Your Residence with Taste



When you bring someone to your apartment or house, you are giving them a peek into your life.


And if your home is too spartan or incoherent, it will be hard for your date to imagine herself in your life. You have to show her that your life is more than TV dinners and video games in bed.


Now, you don’t have to go overboard and hire an interior designer either. And you can keep a minimalist style, if that’s what you are into.


Just select a few decorative items that show who you are. What your passions are. It can be as simple as a couple of books in your living room or as sophisticated as an art piece on the wall.



#4 Clean Up


You will never be able to turn on a girl if your place looks like a pigsty.


Similarly, your efforts to look cool with fancy clothes won’t matter if you are not clean yourself.


Lucky for you these two of the biggest turn offs for women are easily remedied. Keep your house tidy and spend some time on grooming yourself. Shower, cut your nails, brush your teeth… you know what to do.



#5 Stay Active and Social



If you want to turn on a girl, you should lead a life she would want to be a part of.


Not only is that a good way to show her your hobbies, it also serves as proof that she is not going to get bored around you.


You could play sports, do some ice skating, or even go on hikes. But if physical activity is not your cup of tea, there are other ways to showcase how active you are.


Get involved in a charity, organize board game nights or an escape room event with your friends. Things signaling that you have things going on in your life are attractive.



How to Turn Girls on with Your Attitude – Three Easy Ways


#1 Be Kind to Strangers



Most women know that you will eventually treat them the way you treat strangers.


And they don’t want to see you acting entitled, rude, or aggressive. That’s a dating red flag and a big turn off for women.


So, next time you are on a date, think about how you treat those around you. The valet guy in the parking lot, the bouncer at the bar, and the waitstaff at the restaurant. The way you act with them will ultimately reflect on you.



#2 Display as much Confidence as You Can




The coolest men in the world all have this, and so should you.


If that’s not you yet, don’t worry. In fact, almost no one is simply born confident. It’s something they developed over time.


And the good news is that you can teach yourself to be more confident. With daily gratitude, gradually getting out of your comfort zone, and some resilience, you can take baby steps towards a more confident version of you.


There is no need to fake it or to show off. But a strong, quiet confidence is possibly the biggest turn on for a girl.



#3 Maintain Eye Contact



A lot of guys, when they get nervous talking to a girl, will instinctively look away.


Don’t do that.


Eye contact is a powerful way to communicate your intentions and show confidence.


If you start looking away or avoiding her eyes, you will either appear insecure or uninterested. Neither prospect would inspire much confidence for a relationship.


Good eye contact, on the other hand, is a major turn on for a girl. Especially when she is talking, as it shows you are paying close attention to what she has to say.



Three Tips to Turn Girls on with Your Charm


#1 Give Her Them a Genuine Compliment


While there is nothing wrong with telling a woman she is beautiful, it might not be the best way to compliment her.


Sure, if you really feel that the girl you are with is hot, you can tell her. But women are used to being complimented on their looks. Especially in romantic situations. Compliments about their appearance are not necessarily a turn-off for girls, but they are not super effective.


Instead, find something you genuinely admire and that has nothing to do with looks. It could be something cool she did or even that you find her smart or funny. As long as it is real, your compliment has a much better chance of landing.



#2 Make Her Laugh


Everyone loves having a good time.


In dating, things can be more tense than usual. Especially when you don’t know the other person well.


A quick joke or some self-deprecating humor is a great way to ease that tension and help everyone relax. It shows that you are not taking yourself too seriously. It also shows her that she enjoys spending time with you. And that if she decides to tease you a little bit, you can roll with the punches and keep the situation fun.


Some light banter and teasing is not only great for flirting, it is also one of the top ways to turn girls on. Humor is how you quickly bridge gaps, build rapport, and connect with a girl.



#3 Whisper Her a Secret



This is a bit trickier to pull off since you will need a reason to do that. Noisy environments are usually a good excuse to get closer to someone when talking.


Whispering in a girl’s ear show a huge amount of confidence, which is attractive.


It also makes your interaction with her that much more personal: the more people like each other, the closer they stand together. Being physically close to someone is a way to subtly signal that you are into them. If the attraction is mutual, it can be an instant turn-on.



Five Common Turn Ons for Girls - How You Act


#1 Stay Off Your Phone While out on a Date


In fact, don’t even touch your phone when you are with her. You should focus your attention on the conversation and what she is saying.


Answering your phone on a date is possibly the biggest turnoff for women.


But so is texting, or just browsing the web. Every time you play with your phone, you are distracted from the real-life interactions you should be having instead.


So, put your phone away. Do not even tempt yourself with it by leaving it on the table. Sometimes old habits die hard, and you might just end up looking at your screen without realizing it.



#2 Send Her a Cute, Spontaneous Text



It is always a smart idea to know what to text a girl after getting her number.


But sometimes just a simple, random message can do wonders too. Something like “I had a great time last weekend. Can’t wait to try that place you suggested,” or “Hope your meeting went well. Talk soon.”


Not only does this show her that you thought about her, but it will also immediately get her thinking about you.


If she liked you before, she might start to like you even more after that.



#3 Make Coffee When She Wakes Up


It’s the little things that count.


Having a nice warm cup of coffee ready when your girlfriend wakes up is going to score you some major points. Even more so if she is not a morning person. It shows her that you care.


If you want to go further, you can be an even better host and prepare breakfast.


With a guy like you in the kitchen, she’ll be excited to stay over!



#4 Offer a Hand



You don’t have to fix her bathroom sink or renovate her kitchen to turn a woman on.


Daily acts of kindness like offering to carry her bags or to assemble an IKEA shelf work well too. Particularly when you are consistent and reliable.


Whether you are comfortable cooking dinner instead of ordering take out, changing the car oil, or splitting wood for the fireplace, do that.


Bonus points if you look cool doing it.



#5 Act Like Yourself


One of Oscar Wilde’s most popular quotes is arguably: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”


What this means for your dating life is that there is no need to pretend to be someone you are not. Of course, you want to put your best foot forward and show interest in what the girl is into.


But don’t go too far and change your whole personality just to please her. That would turn her off.


Besides, if you are only pretending to like something, she will eventually figure it out.


Indeed, you will turn ladies on more by letting your true self shine through. So, talk about your hobbies with passion and share them with her.


How to Turn on a Girl Immediately by Being a Gentleman


#1 Hold the Door for Her



Whether at a restaurant or your house, it is always polite to casually hold the door for her.


The keyword here is “casually”.


Act just like you would with a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. You are not treating her like she is not capable of doing it herself. Rather, you are simply holding the door because that’s the nice thing to do.


You can also hold the car door open if you want. Again, no need for extravagant decorum when doing so. Just open the door like you do that all the time and it’s no big deal.



#2 Don’t Rush Her


You’ve seen this classic scene a hundred times: a lady is getting ready to go out; meanwhile, her husband is hovering in the background, reminding her that they are going to be late if she doesn’t hurry up.


Well, that is just stressful, isn’t it?


If you are pushing her to go too fast, it could very well sour the mood for her.


So, whenever possible, give her a few extra minutes. Show her that you can be patient. She will notice, and greatly appreciate it.



#3 Splurge on Some Flowers Once in a While



Flowers are beautiful, fragile, and ephemeral.


And that is their point.


Though they may not seem as practical and durable as some of your other gift ideas, they are always appreciated. Flowers serve to highlight a special moment. Yes, you can buy flowers even if it is not Valentine’s day nor her birthday. It means that you thought about her, and that you care.


If you want to make your girlfriend happy, flowers can be an instant turn on.



#4 Listen to Her


When you want to strengthen your relationships, learning to listen is vital.


So many times, girls talk to people who are not really paying attention to what they are saying. Or to guys who are already thinking about what they are going to say next to impress them.


So, if you learn to be a good listener, it will feel refreshing for them. Finally, someone with whom they can open up and talk candidly!



#5 Don’t Pressure Her


Everyone likes to go at their own pace in a relationship.


Sure, women like it when you take initiative and make things happen.  So, be active.


But even worse than passivity is when a relationship is moving too fast.


If you are pressuring her to take steps she is not ready for, things can get very uncomfortable. And it will be a major turn off for her. Learn to slow down if she tells you she needs more time. What’s the big rush anyways?


Four Things Good Boyfriends Do that Are Big Turn Ons for Women


#1 Organize an Amazing Date


There are many ways you could set up a date with your special someone.


But great date ideas have two things in common:


  1. They are centered around something that your girlfriend is interested in,
  2. And they introduce her to an original experience.


Now, there is nothing wrong with other kinds of dates. Any date would probably make your girlfriend happy. But we are looking for more than that and really make an effort for her.


So, if you are looking for original date ideas to turn your girlfriend on, you now have a good starting point.



#2 Be Punctual



No matter how good you are at texting a girl, leaving her waiting is guaranteed to leave a bad impression.


Yes, even if you are handsome and charming.


It signals that either she is not a priority for you or that you don’t have your stuff together.


To avoid turning her off instantly, show up at the agreed time, don’t leave her alone mid-date to chat with your friends, and be respectful of her time.



#3 Follow Through When You Say You’ll Do Something


Making promises is all well and good but you have to follow through.


Sure, forgetting to pick up the food you promised to get on the way home isn’t a matter of life or death. But it is a little disappointing, nonetheless.


And if it keeps happening, your girlfriend might start wondering if she can depend on you at all.


On the other hand, if you consistently do what you said you were going to do, you’ll build a positive image in her mind. And because she can trust you to show up when she needs it, she’ll be turned on by the thought of a long-term relationship with you.



#4 Prepare a Romantic Dinner at Home



Restaurant dates are great, but there is just something more intimate and special about a home-cooked dinner.


Good food turns women on, and even if you are not a professional chef, the fact that you made the effort to prepare something specially for her is not going to go unnoticed.


Set the mood with candles and good conversations and she will remember her evening with you for a long time.



How to Turn Women on with Physical Contact – Five Quick Ideas


#1 Help Her Relax with a Shoulder Rub


Shoulder rubs are a great way to start getting closer to a girl without it being too awkward.


You can offer to relieve some stress if you’ve just been sitting through a very long class at school, a boring meeting at work, or even during an active date like a hike.


If she is comfortable with you, it will be a great way to discover it.



#2 Give Her a Hug



Apparently, humans need at least seven hugs a day.


Hugs are good for your mood, your stress levels, and some of the tension you might feel in your body.


So, don’t hesitate to hug your girlfriend often. Even at random. And even for no reason other than to show her you like her.



#3 Find Excuses to Get Closer


There are quite a few ways to increase physical proximity in a relationship.


You could hold her hand in the street, for example. Or pull her legs on your lap when you are watching a movie.


The key is to find some level of contact you are comfortable with and see what turns her on.



#4 Give Her a Real Massage


Massages are relaxing and healthy. That’s why people pay for those.


Plus, they are a great way to connect with your girlfriend without any of the usual distractions. No TV, no smartphone. Just the two of you and a relaxed atmosphere.


Plus, she is definitely going to be thankful and appreciative. Even more reasons to make her happy.



#5 Kiss Her Forehead



Kisses are a sure-fire way to turn on a girl. But it is possible that some kisses achieve much more than that.


Kissing her on the forehead, or on the back of her hand, can show her not only that you like her, but that you care about her. In a gentle, protective way.


Of course, it doesn’t mean that these are the only places you should kiss her.


In fact, this whole list of turn-ons is not exhaustive. As you get to know your girlfriend, you’ll discover her likes and dislikes. Maybe you can add your own.


Eventually, you’ll know better than anyone else what to do to turn her on.


And if you ever get stuck, feel free to refer to one of the thirty ways listed in this article. They really work!

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