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How to Date a Tall Girl? 10 Things You Should Know!

Posted by Pascal on February 23, 2021 at 15:11

How to Date a Tall Girl? 10 Things You Should Know!

Tall girls stand out. Literally. Of all the qualities you could notice in a girl, her height is one of the most obvious.


While it might be common knowledge that some women find tall guys attractive, men do not seem to have the same affinity towards dating taller women. You’ll occasionally hear about a guy dating a tall girl, but it remains the exception. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of men going out of their way specifically to date a tall woman.


Tall women make great partners, of course. But there is less available information available for guys who are interested in dating them. How do you approach a tall gal? Is there anything different about dating a taller woman?


Well… yes and no. While her personality or cultural background will have a bigger impact than her height, there can still be some things that are specific to dating a tall girl.

And if you are interested in doing that, here are 10 tips for you:


#1 Don’t Approach Her with a Comment about Her Height

“Wow, you’re super tall!”


“So, how’s the weather up there?”


“Do you play basketball? You should!”


Whatever you can think of, tall girls have already heard it. Think about it: what are the odds you are the only one who noticed that a tall woman is, well, tall? Many a guy before you has had the same idea. It’s not original. So, go easy on those remarks.


Yes, this is an easy icebreaker. But instead of standing out, your opening lines will likely get drowned under a ton of similar ones she has heard before. And because repetition gets irritating, she might also not really feel like talking to you after that.


#2 Take Your Chance Dating a Taller Girl

There is a strange thing humans do, where we sometimes disqualify ourselves from dating certain people. We do this, not based on our own dating preferences, but on what we think they like.


And for some men, this rings true about dating a woman taller than you.


They believe that tall girls want taller boyfriends.


But if you think about it, there are also plenty of couples with taller women and shorter men. And why wouldn’t it be the case? Gentleness, charisma, chivalry… height is only one of the many factors that make people attracted to you.


So, if you have a crush on a taller woman, don’t disqualify yourself. Sure, maybe she will refuse to date you because you’re shorter than her. One could argue, though, that if she is that shallow, maybe it’s better to avoid dating her anyways. But if she isn’t, you’ll never know unless you ask her out.



#3 Tall Women Are Often Very Open when You Approach Them

For one reason or another, taller women are viewed as more assertive, stronger, and as such, more intimidating.


As a result, some men hesitate before approaching a tall woman. Which means that the tallest woman in a bar could also be the loneliest that night.


Fewer guys have the guts to go talk to a tall girl. But tall women are not meaner or more judgemental than shorter women. In fact, they’d be just as happy to have interesting conversations and meet new people.


What this means is that if you have the courage to chat to a tall girl, she might be more than happy that you did, and your approach might be quite welcome. Assuming she is single, of course.


#4 Praise Other Qualities than Her Height

Yes, there is something to be said of complimenting her height. Of course, compliments feel good.


But it can’t be the only quality you praise. Even if you are attracted to tall girls.


Her personality, her life, is more than just being “that tall girl”. Why not find some other things you like about her? Tell her how you love her creativity. Or her thoughtfulness. Her intelligence… Whatever you like about her, she’d probably love to hear it from you.


By all means, don’t limit yourself to her personality either. If you find her hot, or sexy, let her know. And if you love the fact that she is tall, she’d be happy to know it. Just don’t make it the only thing you praise.



#5 Encourage Her to Embrace Her Tallness

Tall girl problems are a real thing.


They could be trivial things such as sweater sleeves being too short or a lack of leg room in planes. But they could also be annoying issues such as hearing the same jokes – at their own expense – over and over.


As such, some tall girls could feel a bit uncomfortable about their height.


Your role as a supportive boyfriend or husband is to relieve her from that discomfort. If you notice she hesitates to wear heels, encourage her. Because tall girls have longer legs, skirts will appear to be shorter on them. If you know she’d like wearing a skirt, her know she looks stunning in them! Being tall does not mean she has to be “mannish”.


In other words, encourage her to dress just like she wants.


#6 Enjoy the Benefits of Dating a Tall Girl

Okay, if you are married to a tall woman, you might have had a hard time carrying her through the door on your wedding night.


But that’s only one small drawback, especially when you compare it to all the perks of dating a tall girl.


To start with, you can pretty much sit anywhere at the movie theater. Even if some tall guys sit in front of you, she’ll still have a perfect view of the screen. Same with concerts, although you might block someone else’s view.


And that’s not all. Hugging becomes extremely easy when she’s at the perfect height. No more awkward hugs where you force someone to smell your armpits. Same goes for kissing.


And to boot, people will be staring at her when you are out in public, which would make any guy quite proud.


#7 Don’t Try to Overcompensate if You Are Shorter

So, your girlfriend is taller than you. She’s got you beat there.


And here is what you should do about that: nothing.


You could, of course, try to one-up her on other areas. Like making more money, buying fancier clothes, or driving a faster car.


But here’s what will happen if you do that: it won’t look good on you. Boasting about how cool you are or how many shiny things you own does not make you taller. Overcompensating for being shorter than your girlfriend will be like displaying your insecurity on a giant billboard.


People will see through that. Your girlfriend will see it as a red flag for your relationship. And she still will be taller than you.



#8 Don’t Feel Self-Conscious about Dating a Tall Girl; Feel Proud

When you are out in public with a tall girl, there is a possibility that people will stare.


Now, if you are shy or lack confidence, that might make you feel uneasy. Self-conscious, even. What are they thinking? Are they judging me?


One crucial thing to remember is that couples where the woman is taller than her boyfriend are less common. Yes, they do exist, but they are by no means the norm. So, these people might not even be judging you at all. Just curious.


Besides, if your girlfriend is good-looking, there’s a good chance other men are feeling a bit jealous and wondering how you pulled it off.


#9 Remember Your Attitude Will Go a Long Way

Being a tall girl does not take away her other qualities.


Likewise, being with a tall girl does not remove any of yours.


The coolest men, no matter how tall or how short, do not have any trouble dating taller women.


Do you think Bruno Mars and Kevin Hart would struggle to find someone to date, if they wanted? No. And it’s not just because they are famous. Any judgement these men might receive for dating someone taller is quickly erased by their attitude and how confident they appear.


You don’t have to be rich and famous to successfully date a tall woman. Doing cool things with your life, being fun and caring, and displaying self-assurance will help you tremendously. Insecurities about your height will have a negative impact; so believe in yourself.


Ultimately, the way you see yourself is how others will see you. That goes for your crush as well.



#10 Treat Your Tall Girlfriend Like You Would Treat a Shorter Girlfriend

Sure, her height gives your girlfriend certain advantages. Like not having to ask for help reaching the top shelf at the grocery store. Or proving a strong challenger in competitive sports.


And yes, she does not look as delicate as your previous, smaller girlfriends. But just because she seems strong does not mean you should treat her like one of your “bros”. She is still a lady and expects you to be a gentleman.


Whatever you would have done for your shorter girlfriends, you can still do for her.


Putting your hand around her waist? Yep, you can still do that. Telling her she looks cute? Absolutely. Snuggling on the couch in front of a movie? Heck yes!


Don’t feel like you should act differently or let her do the heavy lifting.


#BONUS Highlight Your Style, not Your Insecurities.

If there is one famous guy who is known for being short, it’s Tom Cruise.


Okay, he is not a giant. But why do we think of him specifically when other actors like Al Pacino or Ben Stiller are shorter? Why don’t we associate them with being short?


The answer is that he is famous for wearing shoe lifts and inserts.


It’s okay if there are things you don’t like about yourself. Everybody does. But if you would like to appear taller next to your girlfriend, platform shoes are not the way to go. In fact, these tricks only bring attention to the fact that you are not as tall as you’d like. Which is what you are trying to avoid.


A much better strategy is to focus on your style. Wearing a nice, tailored suit. Choosing a shirt in a uniform color. Avoiding horizontal stripes. You can even add some fashion accessories like a watch or fancy glasses.


And of course, staying clean so that you smell and look your best.


In Conclusion: How to Date a Girl Taller than You.

Alright. So, we’ve just read ten tips on how to date a tall girl.


That must mean that dating a taller woman is a lot of work, right?


On the surface, it could certainly look that way. If you’ve never dated someone tall before, things might feel different, indeed. You might have to adjust the way you do things in a relationship here and there.


But guess what?


Those are minor changes.


When you are dating someone new, short or tall, you’ll have much more important things to work on for a successful relationship. Adapting to her personality, explaining your way of doing things, finding the right pace for your relationship, or reconciliating your values will have a much bigger impact than simply how tall your new girlfriend is.


And those are things you would have to work on for any relationship.


Getting Used to Dating a Taller Woman

Perhaps the most obvious adjustment will be getting used to her height, especially if she is taller than you. But even that should be quick. You will not wake up in two years and be shocked by how tall your girlfriend is.


And yes, there is also the fact that being shorter than your girlfriend might feel a bit uncomfortable. You’ll probably need to work on why that is and what other areas of your life you can improve on. But – and you’ve probably guessed it – that would be the case for all your relationships. If it wasn’t her height, it would be something else, so you should always try to better yourself anyways.


In the end, it does not matter if a girl is taller than you. Her height does. not. matter.


What matters is how you are willing to work on your relationship. How you can have fun as a couple. The great memories you will make with her.


If you want to date a tall woman, there is nothing stopping you. In fact, it is a great idea. Go for it!

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