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If a Girl Gets Jealous, Does She Like You? Here’s How to Find Out

Posted by Pascal on August 17, 2021 at 16:10

If a Girl Gets Jealous, Does She Like You? Here’s How to Find Out

For all the similarities between men and women, there are still some major differences. And nowhere is this more appearant than in the way both genders approach interpersonal relationships and dating.


Women being, on average, more agreeable than men, they could tend to act friendly around some guys even if they have no interest in them at all.


Some guys are in the friend-zone and don’t even realize it until they confess their feelings.


Conversely, you might think a girl is just a friend while, in fact, she could have a crush on you. Sometimes she might even go as far as actively avoiding you.


In light of all this, it can be hard for guys to read between the lines. To truly know if a girl likes you or not. For instance, if you see signs a girl is jealous, is that a good or a bad thing? How do you even tell if she is jealous in the first place?


And if a girl gets jealous around you, can you automatically assume she likes you?


In this article, we look to answer these questions, step by step, in a logical manner. Use it to recognize signs of female jealousy, understand what it means, and how you should react to it.


Why Do Girls Hide that They Like You and Avoid Making the First Move?

At first glance, this might look a bit incongruous to some guys: Modern women have taken charge of their lives in ways that their ancestors could not. They are often more educated than men, quite successful in their own careers, and have developed sophisticated hobbies and interests.


Everywhere you look, you see strong and independent women. Even in traditionally male-dominated industries like engineering or finance, young girls these days have no shortage of role-models to draw inspiration from.


Yet, this confidence does not seem to translate to the dating market (the keyword here being “seem”).


Girls will boldly take their place at the table when it comes to doing business and managing their careers, but they still appear to take a backseat when it comes to asking someone on a date.


As a result, you have confused guys wondering: “I have a good job, I’m in good shape. How come no girls ask me out? Why do I have to make the first move all the time?”


And the truth is, that’s not really the case.



Girls Hit On Guys Too


Sure, there are still some societal standards by which we generally abide. Like the fact that men will be more likely to ask a girl out point blank, and women will be more reserved at the beginning.


And there could be a little bit of fear of rejection playing a role. But in reality, both men and women feel it.


The main difference, it turns out, is one of subtlety.


Just like men, women do show signs they are interested in you. But they will tend to be more indirect about it.


Where you would just come out and ask a girl to go on a date, she will simply suggest to hang out sometime. When you would ask for her phone number, she will simply smile at you from a distance, laugh at your jokes, or touch your arm for a second.


For guys who are not used to flirting with girls, these signs often go right above their head.


We mentioned touching and smiling, but the list of possible signs is, in fact, quite long. It includes when a girl is texting you a lot, or if she talks about her personal life. Some other signs are more difficult to spot, like when she mirrors your body language or faces you.


None of these signs alone suffice to determine if a girl likes you, but they are “hints.”


And one of these hints, as you may have guessed, is perhaps the most confusing. It is, of course, when a girl gets jealous.


What it Means if a Girl Gets Jealous Around You

Understanding why a girl gets jealous when you are around is crucial to your dating life. Sometimes, women will get jealous because they like a guy and do not want him to spend his time with other girls. But in some cases, her jealousy is not a sign of interest. Rather, it reveals a character or personality trait that you might want to stay away from.


Confusing as it may be, here are the main reasons that help explain a girl’s jealousy around you.


#1 She Has a Passive-Aggressive Nature


Some people become passive-aggressive when they don’t get their way, or when they don’t want to do something.


Oftentimes, however, passive-aggressiveness is used to get others to act a certain way. To exert some sort of control over you.


So if she complains that you are seeing another girl, maybe it’s not really because she is jealous, but because that means you won’t be available to help her doing her homework or fixing her car.


#2 She Likes Your – Undivided – Attention


Not every girl likes being the center of attention. But almost everyone likes to feel like they are appreciated in some way.


If you already like that girl, you might be doing certain things that make her feel valued, or that validate her. For example, you might do her a favor when you can. Or you are happy to clear your schedule to hang out.


So, when you mention hanging out with your friends or that you met an interesting girl in your college class, she might not view it so positively. For her, these people compete for your attention. And whether she wants to date you or not, she could show signs of jealousy towards your new friends.


#3 She Is Controlling


People with very driven personality types often tend to dominate their relationships.


Some of them do it through their charisma, their charm, or their ability to engage others. Those can be very productive ways to nurture fulfilling relationships for everyone.


Others operate from a need for control. And the more they have you under their thumb, the more reassured they feel.


So, if you invite another girl or another group of friends into your life, you are breaking away from this girl’s influence. A controlling person might react in anger or with jealous outbursts.


To be frank, this is a big red flag, especially if you consider dating this girl. So, tread with caution.


#4 She Has Trouble with Change


Children thrive on routine. Knowing what is going to happen, what to expect every day gives them a sense of safety and reassurance.


For most adults, routines have the same comforting effect – though usually to a lesser degree.


If a girl has trouble dealing with changes, like a new girl joining your friend group, she might have a hard time accepting it. When that happens, you will notice signs that she is jealous, but you might not be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing this reaction.


#5 She Does Not Like the OTHER Girl


Imagine that you get along great with a woman. You hang out, talk for hours, and maybe even date casually.


Then, you start dating a new girl and she has a very negative reaction to it.


She might get mad, start ignoring you when you are with your new girlfriend, or even stop talking to you altogether.


Does that mean she liked you, and that is why she got jealous?




But you also need to consider another scenario where she would have exactly the same reaction even if she was not jealous at all, and it has nothing to do with you: She simply does not get along with your new girlfriend.


#5 She Really Likes You and Cannot Hide it


There are times when a girl cares about you, and she hides it so well that you won’t even know it.


And then there are times when it is pretty obvious that she is either super competitive with other girls or that she might have a thing for you.


For example, let’s say that you start talking to a girl at the bar, and she interrupts to join your conversation. Or that you are dancing with a girl and she tries to push her aside to be with you. These would be pretty clear-cut instances of a girl who gets jealous because she likes you.


Now, it all depends on her personality, your relationship with her, and the specific circumstances you are under. But with a bit of experience, you will learn to recognize the signs.


Signs a Girl Is Really Jealous VS Not Interested: How to Tell the Difference

Of the previous five signs, only the last one is a clear indication that a girl likes you.


Yet, they all look pretty similar on the surface.


So, how can you tell which is which?


If a girl asks you not to invite your female classmate, is it because she wants to keep you all to herself – you know, romantically – or because she had a fight with that girl in the past?


Well, the answer is simple, even if it is a bit disappointing: You can’t.


At least, not based on the jealousy alone.


Fortunately, though, you don’t have to remain in the dark forever. You can rely on other signs, other things that the girl says or does, that will help you guess more accurately whether a girl likes you.


If a girl gets jealous around you and you see literally no other sign that she might be interested in you, move on. Jealousy is a pretty obvious sign of interest usually, but not if it is the only one you can spot.


However, a girl who likes you to the point of being openly jealous around you will surely display other signs of interest.


Here are a few signs indicating that she considers you as more than just a friend:


  • She calls or texts you a lot,
  • You talk about each other’s personal lives,
  • She laughs a lot around you and looks excited to see you,
  • You notice she touches you often,
  • Sometimes, you catch her staring at you,
  • She will make an effort to be near you or to talk to you,
  • You see a difference in her appearance or make up when she hangs out with you,
  • She makes plans with you, and does not hesitate to cancel other plans to be able to spend time with you.


Of course, this list is far from being exhaustive.


And you also have to keep in mind that every girl has a different personality. If you notice only one or two signs from the list, she might still be interested in you, just more secretly. Conversely, a girl might display all these signs and still not want to date you.


However, this is still a pretty relevant starting point. On average, the more signs you notice, the more likely it is that the girl wants to date you.


So, when it comes time to ask her out, you can take a calculated risk.


Now that you have all this information, however, and if you are interested in dating this girl, you still need to ask yourself a very important question: Knowing that she has a tendency to get jealous (and that this behavior is unlikely to change if you start dating her,) are you ready to accept it, and mature enough to deal with the inevitable conflicts that might arise from it?


Most of the time, little displays of jealousy are completely benign, and you have nothing to worry about.


But before you jump into a relationship with anyone, you should always take a moment to make sure this is the right fit for you.


If you think it is, ask her out!

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